Top 5 FAQs About Oil Change Service At Your Trusted Volkswagen Service Center

October 29th, 2018 by

Oil Change Service is available at our Volkswagen dealership in Gainesville, FL.

How Often Should I Get This Service?

Many people often wonder how often they should get their oil changed at a Volkswagen service center. There are a few standards that determine how often you should receive this service, and your preferred Gainesville car dealership is here to help!

Previously, manufacturers recommended that you receive this important maintenance service at a service department roughly every 3,000 miles you put on the odometer of your new, used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. However, under the current standards, you can wait longer than that. Whether you are driving a Volkswagen model or not, Orange Park, FL drivers can wait up to every 5,000 miles or so. However, you should have an oil change service performed more frequently if you have a high-mileage vehicle. For the most accurate information, it is best to consult your owner’s manual or speak with the experts at Volkswagen of Gainesville.

How Long Does An Oil Change Take?

Another question that people often ask is how long it will take a service team at an auto shop or car dealership. The amount of time it takes can vary, but there is a general range for how long Ocala, FL drivers should expect it to take. Generally, an oil change will take anywhere between 15 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on various factors. Of course, if you add in other services like getting your tires rotated, this process can certainly take longer than that. If you decide to have your oil change service performed at Volkswagen of Gainesville, you can wait in our hospitable waiting room as your service is being performed, or you can simply drop your vehicle off and then pick it back up at your convenience once the service is complete.

Oil change service available at our Volkswagen dealership near Gainesville, FL.

What Are A Few Benefits Of An Oil Change?

Regardless of the vehicle’s manufacturer, this service definitely provides some clear benefits for your car. If Gainesville, FL drivers get their oil changed, their vehicle can enjoy better performance due to parts inside the engine moving more easily. You can also get improved gas mileage because there is less friction inside the engine of your vehicle. You will definitely notice that a vehicle that gets its oil changed regularly will perform better during your daily commute. Gainesville, FL drivers can call or stop by Volkswagen of Gainesville today to schedule their oil change service today.

How Does Choosing Full Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Affect My Vehicle’s Engine?

You might wonder how choosing between these different types of oil affects your engine. The synthetic brand can certainly last longer and keep you going for up to 7,500 miles or so. However, the conventional type like high mileage oil usually works for a good while as well. The synthetic type also holds up better in extremely cold and extremely warm conditions.

Both can protect your engine well, but the synthetic type does it for a longer period of time. It really depends on how you balance the cost of the product with the length of time it will protect your engine. Gainesville, FL drivers also ask how they can schedule service to get an oil change.

Volkswagen auto service available at our Volkswagen dealership near Gainesville, FL.

How Can I Schedule An Oil Change For My Vehicle At Volkswagen Of Gainesville?

Since this service provides your vehicle with many benefits and doesn’t take very long, you might want to know how to schedule an appointment to have this done. Thankfully, most car dealerships make it extremely easy to schedule an oil change with their service department. You can visit our car dealership’s website, click on their “Service” tab, and you can often simply click a button to schedule a service appointment for an oil change. You can also call our service number, 855-867-1634, and make the appointment easily. If you schedule it at Volkswagen of Gainesville, you can enjoy many of our benefits, such as the Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage.

The Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage is part of what makes the experience so great for Gainesville, FL drivers. With this, you’ll get a free car wash any time you choose to service your vehicle here.

Additionally, you also get 3-year key replacement, a 3-day exchange guarantee on any new or used car, and your first oil change and tire rotation is on us at Volkswagen of Gainesville. If you need any service like an oil change, trust the service department at Volkswagen of Gainesville.

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