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In 2018, the number of used cars that were sold in the U.S. stood at 40 million. From the numbers, it’s clear that more people have been turning toward used cars. Why is it so? Is it a wiser choice for you to buy a used car instead of a new one? There are lots of options when it comes to buying used cars in Gainesville — ranging from major manufacturers such as Volkswagen and much more. Volkswagen of Gainesville is proud to offer a large selection of used cars for sale in Gainesville and we are excited to show you why we are the preferred choice for pre-owned vehicles!

Less Deprecation

New cars are fancy, enticing, come with zero mileage and are fully loaded with a factory warranty. That sounds fantastic, but did you know the moment you start driving, new cars depreciate pretty quickly? The plus side about buying used cars is that all the depreciation has already occurred so you pay what the vehicle is worth. Pre-owned vehicles from our used car dealership in Gainesville are the right option for your budget and needs.

Wide Variety of Cars to Make You Select What You Need

If you start looking for new models, you will have limited options. Opting to buy used cars in Gainesville, around 5 years and below, will allow you to have a lot of options when shopping the market. You would have a wide variety of cars to select from. This means you are a greater likelihood of getting what you want in terms of price and quality of the car.

Used Car Finance Situation at Volkswagen of Gainesville.

Your Dream Car is Within Reach

For example, let’s say you want to drive a luxurious sedan. A 2014 Lexus costs roughly the same amount as a 2018 Toyota Camry. This means with the same budget of Toyota Camry 2018; you can drive a luxurious Lexus 2014 model that has low mileage and still with a factory warranty. Same applies to other brands contained in our used car dealership in Gainesville. If top brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, Volkswagen and Jeep are what you have been looking forward to driving, consider buying a used one. Drive the car of your dreams at affordable prices by choosing used cars in Gainesville.

To get started on the auto financing process, you’re more than welcome to complete our online Finance Application. Once submitted, one of our managers from our Finance Department will be in touch with you to discuss your financing options further. You’ll see that getting pre-approved is easy!

Know What You Are Buying

You only know a car after driving it for many miles, that is when you would be able to know its problems, weaknesses and strengths. With used cars for sale in Gainesville, there is plenty of information from previous users regarding car’s maintenance, repair costs and how to handle your model. This information is available at our dealership and will help you understand what to expect with your next used car.

New cars haven’t been on the market for long so it would be hard for you to know what to expect. What if something major fails, what if it breaks down regularly even after your warranty expires? Save yourself from those possible misfortunes and purchase your quality used car from the professionals at Volkswagen of Gainesville. Plus, our onsite Service Center is here to assist you in any way possible. That way, you can maintain your used car for all the miles and adventures ahead of you.

Purchase Your Used Car from Our Car Dealership in Gainesville

Our used car dealership in Gainesville offers clients a broad range of options so you can always get what fits your needs. Cars manufactured in recent years were built to last a long time. They function efficiently, so even if they have high mileage on them, you can still expect these cars to be of service to you for longer than you expect. Please reach out to our team if you have any additional questions about our pre-owned vehicle inventory. Better yet, visit us today to start test driving some of your favorite used cars and trucks for sale in Gainesville.

Lifetime WarrantyPlus, when you buy from Volkswagen of Gainesville, you’ll benefit from our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. This warranty comes free of charge, and it covers your engine, transmission and drive axle for unlimited miles for however long you own the vehicle.

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