The Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage

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The Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage

The Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage

Exclusive Benefits for VW of Gainesville Drivers

In Gainesville, Florida, the Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage offers several exclusive benefits for drivers. To make the ownership experience convenient and safe, we provide a collection of free features only available at Volkswagen of Gainesville, FL.

Safety Features on the Road

Our exclusive collection of benefits in the Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage includes safety features that protect drivers while on the road. To maintain safe visibility on the road, we include our Headlight Protection service that prevents discoloration from oxidation, UV rays, and humidity. This feature protects for up to six years or 72,000 miles on new vehicles and one year or 12,000 miles on pre-owned models.

We also include our Rain Repellent feature to add a hydrophobic coating to windshields to repel water on the road. To maintain visibility, we reapply the product up to five times.

Another safety feature helps protect your vehicle from theft. Our Anti-Theft VIN Etching includes etching your VW’s VIN on windows and other areas to help law enforcement identify your vehicle if it’s stolen. The Volkswagen Advantage also includes Stolen Vehicle Assistance to cover your insurance deductible up to $2,500 for three years or 36,000 miles.

Additional safety features in the Advantage program include our on-demand, 24/7 Roadside Assistance. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road. With a quick phone call, you can get assistance with flat tires, dead batteries, and more.

Vehicle Protection Benefits

The Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage makes car buying stress-free and convenient. The Advantage program includes several protective benefits like one-year of Maintenance Services along with a lifetime of car washes.

To give your vehicle a clean advantage, we also include a collection of protective benefits. They include our Surface Santizer and Antimicrobial treatment which we do free at each service visit to remove 99.9% of contaminants. Our Nitrogen Tire Service keeps your tires inflated, and our Door Edge and Cup Guard add a durable polyurethane coating to protect your doors and trim.

Another helpful feature included in the Volkswagen of Gainesville Advantage is our A/C Refresh Service to clear unwanted contaminants out of your vehicle’s ventilation system.

Choose Volkswagen of Gainesville for New and Used Vehicles in Gainesville, Florida

When shopping for a new or certified pre-owned Volkswagen near Arredondo, Florida, look no farther than Volkswagen of Gainesville. We carry an exceptional inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs for drivers in Micanopy, Florida.

Our friendly sales team can help you arrange a test drive and choose the best vehicle for your budget and driving needs. We can help value your trade and find a loan or lease with the latest specials and incentives from VW and our general managers.

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