Trading in Your Vehicle for a New Volkswagen

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Trading In Your Vehicle for a New Volkswagen

Trading in Your Vehicle for a New Volkswagen

Trading-In Your Vehicle

Driving a new Volkswagen is easy when you have a vehicle you’d like to trade in for your preferred model. It’s simple and stress-free, allowing you to enjoy a top-of-the-line Volkswagen on your next adventure.

At Volkswagen of Gainesville, we offer various models of new and pre-owned Volkswagen from our vast inventory. You can check their incredible features and capabilities when you visit our showrooms at our dealership or when you browse through our available cars for sale on our website.

If you need to experience our inventory’s road performance, we’ll give you an opportunity to test drive your favorite models. Just ask our friendly staff to help you schedule your appointment.

Visit us at Volkswagen of Gainesville in Gainesville, FL, to learn more today!

How It Works

Trading in your vehicle for a new Volkswagen is simple at Volkswagen of Gainesville. We have a system in place that allows you to seamlessly go through our step-by-step process for a stress-free experience.

If you have a vehicle to trade in, we have to assess its value first. If you’d like to know the Volkswagen trade-in value of your car, you can use our free tool at our website. Once you have assessed its value, you can contact us online and schedule your appointment.

When you come to our dealership, we’ll immediately start the appraisal process for your vehicle. Part of appraising your car is taking it for a test drive within three to five miles of our dealership.

After we appraise your vehicle, you can speak with our sales and finance consultants to negotiate for the best trade-in price. Once an agreement has been reached, you can then start the process of acquiring your new Volkswagen.

Advantages of a Trade-In

The best thing about trading in vehicles is simplicity. If you have a car with a good appraisal value, you can drive to a dealership, have it appraised, negotiate for a better price, and once approved, you can start getting a new vehicle.

You’ll also drive a new Volkswagen you’ve wanted to acquire to take it to your next destination, using its incredible features and capabilities. With your trade-in, your monthly payment can be significantly reduced if you’re financing your car.

Choose Your Volkswagen

You can drive a new Volkswagen with your trade-in. And you have various models to choose from based on your budget and the appraised value of your vehicle.

At Volkswagen of Gainesville, we offer sedans and SUVs, including the Volkswagen Jetta, Taos, Tiguan, Arteon, and more. We also provide financing, leasing options, expert maintenance and repair services, parts and accessories, and more.

Speak with our friendly customer service associates to participate in our exclusive dealership specials so you can benefit from more savings and perks. To learn more about our trade-in opportunities and other products and services, visit us at Volkswagen of Gainesville in Gainesville, FL, today!

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