Keep Your Volkswagen Running Like New

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Keep Your Volkswagen Running Like New

Volkswagen Maintenance 101: Keep Your Car Like New

Is It Possible for My Volkswagen Car to Run Like New?

Did you just buy a Volkswagen model? Now it’s time to look at how to keep those smooth, swift, and even stylish drives coming for your next 100,000+ miles—but where should you start? Stick with us today as we’ll let you in on our secrets to help your vehicle continue to run like new. Also, schedule your Volkswagen maintenance online at Volkswagen of Gainesville near Ocala, FL, to get started with your vehicle service.

Fluid Drives Start with Fluid Checks

Helping keep your Volkswagen car like new are the fluids in your vehicle. Start with an oil change every 12 months or 10,000 miles, as this service helps lubricate your motor while literally helping your powertrain not crumble to the ground (the fluids reduce the friction of metal rubbing against metal, which helps keep your damages and parts decay to a minimum). Also, your motor oil assists in cooling your engine, which is ideal whether you’re pushing the track-inspired performance in your Golf GTI or you’re road tripping in your Volkswagen Taos.

After you receive an oil change, you’ll also want to check your other fluid levels—after all, your radiator fluids further help keep your motor cool while assisting in avoiding an overheat (especially critical in the Florida heat as you commute through Orange Park). Meanwhile, your brake fluid and power steering fluid help you keep your ride’s handling on point while also assisting you in stopping where you intend.

The Maintenance Schedule: Your Key to Years of Exhilaration

On top of keeping up with your fluid changes, you’ll also want to make sure you follow your Volkswagen maintenance schedule to help pump years of smooth drives out of your vehicle. Specifically, these include services like checking your brake pads every 10,000 miles to help you avoid sliding through an intersection or testing your battery every 20,000 miles to assist you in getting stranded in your office parking lot. You’ll also want to make sure your tire tread is sitting at an appropriate level and that no damage is present to help you avoid a blowout on the highway or from hydroplaning through a red light on a rainy day.

Alongside service under your hood and with your tires and brakes, you’ll also want to make sure your systems are functioning as intended, which is why you’ll also want to schedule maintenance like a sunroof drain every 20,000 miles (if your car has one) to help prevent blockages. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning systems are working and that you’re keeping up with air filter replacements—after all, who wants to drive through the humid Gainesville summers without cool air inside their sleek and smooth Volkswagen vehicle?

Volkswagen Service Awaits: Start in Gainesville

Ready to help your vehicle continue to run like new for years (and miles) after your purchase? Start today by scheduling service online at Volkswagen of Gainesville for premium Volkswagen maintenance in Gainesville, FL. We also assist with any questions that pop up about auto service on Volkswagen vehicles from any model year—so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help as your local service center.

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