What to Look for When Buying a Used Volkswagen?

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Lineup of used Volkswagen vehicles

What to Look for When Buying a Used Volkswagen?

Buying a Quality VW is Easy at Gainesville VW

Buying a used Volkswagen can be a spectacular way to enjoy the quality, performance, and luxury of a Volkswagen without having to pay the price of a new one. With models that feature amenities like leather seats, a blind spot monitor, and even adaptive cruise control, it’s easy to see why buying a used Volkswagen is such a great value.

However, as with any used vehicle, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure that you can enjoy your used Volkswagen for many years and many miles to come. Come with us as we explore what to look for when buying a used Volkswagen while learning about our premium collection of pre-owned vehicles.

Do Your Research

Before you ever test drive a vehicle, it’s important to ensure that you do model research on the year and model Volkswagen that you’re interested in. Roughly every five years, a model’s body style will be changed altogether, and within that five year period, various ‘refreshes’ can be introduced. These refreshes can include the addition of standard features, new wheel options, updated exterior features and sometimes, even new engine choices.

While doing model research, look for a model year range that has the style, features, and the price that works for you. Once you’ve narrowed your focus down to a specific model year range, do research to seek out potential problems that are common with that model year. Are there any recalls on that particular model? Are there any parts that are prone to failure?

Inspect it in Person

Once you’ve arrived at the dealership, you’ll want to inspect the Volkswagen you’re about to purchase.

Check the Records

Before you drive your used Volkswagen home, you’ll want to check the vehicle history report and look for any reported accidents, flood damage, or any other red flags that you should be concerned about. Additionally, check the vehicle’s service records. Many times, a vehicle’s reliability weighs heavily on how well its owner services and maintains it. A vehicle that was poorly maintained is likely to have more problems down the road than one that was properly serviced.

Test and Listen

When test driving a used car, it’s easy to let emotion take over and get excited. However, ensuring that you test all of the vehicle’s features and listen for any anomalies is an important step to spotting any warnings before you sign on the dotted line.

Check all of the features, especially the important ones, like the windows, sunroof, radio, seats, etc. to make sure that everything is in proper working order. Don’t just limit this to the features inside, but also inspect the outside too. Do the tires have a sufficient amount of tread left? Do the lights work?

While on your test drive, travel with the radio off and listen to the car for any abnormal sounds. Clunks coming from the engine or transmission, or wallowing coming from the wheels could be a sign that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

You’ll also want to ensure that everything operates as it should. Does the transmission shift smoothly? Does the engine idle smoothly? Does the air conditioning and heat work?

Don’t be afraid to be meticulous on your inspection!

Drive Off in Your VW Today

At Volkswagen of Gainesville, we strive to make sure that we feature high quality used Volkswagen models for you to choose from. Ensuring that you enjoy the quality of a new Volkswagen but the value of a used one, we feature a collection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that offer total peace of mind. If you’re looking for a used Volkswagen in Gainesville, make your way down to Volkswagen of Gainesville and take home your new Volkswagen.

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