A Straightforward Explanation of Used vs. CPO Vehicles

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A Straightforward Explanation of Used vs. CPO Vehicles

The Difference Between Used and CPO Vehicles

Potential car buyers look toward used and CPO vehicles when they’re not looking to purchase a new automobile. Understanding the differences between these two classes of cars can streamline your shopping experience. Let’s begin by discussing used vehicles.

Some people refer to used cars as non-certified cars. The phrase “non-certified” refers to the fact that the vehicle hasn’t gone through a 150-point dealership inspection. You’re going to have to pay out of your own pocket for a used car inspection and repairs. A used car purchaser can receive the remainder of the vehicle’s factory warranty if it’s still in effect. An expired warranty for a used car might prompt the need for an extended warranty purchase.

CPO (certified pre-owned) cars are lightly driven and relatively new vehicles. The mileage on a CPO car won’t exceed 60,000-80,000 miles. A CPO vehicle’s age will be 5-7 years old or less. Expect a CPO vehicle purchase to be backed by its manufacturer and come with an extended warranty. The comprehensive multi-point inspection that CPO vehicles go through helps gain a prospective buyer’s trust.

The Obvious and Not So Obvious Perks of Used Vehicles

One perk that used car shoppers receive is more financial flexibility. These vehicles are going to cost less than a CPO vehicle. You might even receive some room for price negotiation. We can explain the lower prices that used cars contain with the fact that these vehicles don’t receive a comprehensive 150-point dealership inspection. Losing out on an extended warranty is another justification for the lower price points that these vehicles contain.

Many people know that new cars depreciate quickly. Owning a new vehicle for 12-months can result in a depreciation of up to 20%. Purchasing a used car allows you to skip over the rapid value depreciation that new vehicle owners face.

All used vehicles aren’t a recipe for disaster. Conducting some research ahead of time can help you locate a used car that’s reliable and affordable. Sites like CarFax help you gain insight into a vehicle’s history. An inspection from a trustworthy mechanic is a critical component of purchasing a used vehicle.

The Attractive Features of CPO Vehicles

Roadside assistance and loaner vehicles during and after a breakdown are expected CPO vehicle benefits. Some dealers offer attractive CPO perks like rental car reimbursement and oil changes.

Hiring someone to inspect your vehicle costs you time and money. A CPO vehicle’s in-depth multi-point inspection ensures the automobile you’re considering is in good mechanical and visual shape. This multi-point inspection is reliable because dealers go by the manufacturer’s requirements and specifications.

Extended CPO vehicle factory warranties please drivers everywhere. The best defense for unforeseen repair costs is an extended warranty.

Discover Our Impressive Used and CPO Vehicles Today

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