Benefits of Genuine Volkswagen Auto Parts At Your Preferred Volkswagen Parts Center

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Volkswagen Auto Parts Service available at our Volkswagen dealership in Gainesville, FL.

Benefits of Genuine Volkswagen Auto Parts At Your Preferred Volkswagen Parts Center

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Your preferred car dealership in Gainesville is proud to offer genuine Volkswagen auto parts to drivers in the surrounding areas. That’s because at Volkswagen of Gainesville, we know just how important it is to use genuine Volkswagen auto parts for your auto repair or service. In fact, we’ve come up with our top five reasons for you to choose genuine Volkswagen auto parts over aftermarket parts for your next service appointment.

If you have any additional questions that we didn’t answer in regard to the use of OEM Volkswagen auto parts or any other concerns, feel free to stop by our Volkswagen Parts Center in Gainesville, FL and we’ll be more than happy to help. We hope to see you soon.

1. You’ll Get The Perfect Fit Every Time

One of the top reasons to choose a Volkswagen auto part is the fact that each genuine part is made specifically for your Volkswagen car, crossover, or SUV. This guarantees you the perfect fit every time without the headache of guessing which part should go where.

This is something you may not necessarily get with an aftermarket part because many times aftermarket parts are made to fit multiple models and manufacturers in order to reduce the cost. Although an aftermarket part may seem less expensive, you aren’t paying for high quality, and that may cost you more over time in unplanned auto repair costs.

Visit the parts department at your preferred Gainesville Car Dealership to save on genuine Volkswagen auto parts today.

2. You’ll Get Volkswagen Auto Parts Made With High-Quality Materials

As mentioned previously, genuine Volkswagen auto parts are specifically for your Volkswagen and specifically for the job intended. This means that they must be made with high-quality, durable materials in order to handle your Volkswagen’s performance needs. When choosing an aftermarket part, this may not be the case because many manufacturers look for ways to cut costs in materials in order to increase profit.

If you go with an aftermarket part, you may find that it is not as durable as an OEM Volkswagen auto part, which may mean switching out the part more often. Visit our Gainesville car dealership to learn more.

4. Your Current Warranty or Warranties Won’t Be Affected

Don’t let an aftermarket part or installation interfere with the warranty on your Volkswagen. Instead choose an OEM Volkswagen auto part to ensure your warranty stays intact throughout the lifetime of your Volkswagen.

It’s important for you to know that some warranties may require that an OEM part is used and may become void if you install an aftermarket part. This can be true in some lease agreements or other warranties that come with your new Volkswagen vehicle. Before you choose an aftermarket part for your next auto repair, make sure you are familiar with all of the information provided on your car’s lease or any other warranty agreement to avoid unnecessary costs. If you’re not sure, feel free to consult your preferred Volkswagen service center for additional help and information.

Not all aftermarket parts come with a warranty, and even if they do, none of them will come with a manufacturer-backed warranty. Instead of dealing with the unknown, choose a genuine OEM Volkswagen part covered by a factory-backed warranty. Plus, when you get your Volkswagen serviced or repaired at your preferred Gainesville car dealership, the warranty also covers labor.

BONUS: Save Even More With The Volkswagen of Gainesville Lifetime Warranty

Did you know that Volkswagen of Gainesville offers a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty? This warranty comes standard with every new or used Volkswagen purchase. That means if your Volkswagen car, crossover or SUV is from Volkswagen of Gainesville, you can plan to spend even less over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Volkswagen Auto Parts Service available at our Volkswagen dealership in Gainesville, FL.Our Volkswagen of Gainesville Lifetime Warranty covers you for unlimited time and unlimited miles for unlimited confidence on the road. You’ll get coverage on some of the most important components of your Volkswagen including the engine, transmission, drive axle and more!
Start taking advantage of your warranty now and contact our Gainesville dealership about how you can get a Lifetime Warranty on your next Volkswagen vehicle. Visit Volkswagen of Gainesville today to get started. Our preferred car dealership in Gainesville proudly serves drivers in Gainesville and the surrounding areas.

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