Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in Gainesville

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Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in Gainesville

Certified Pre-Owned Warranty is One of Many Perks to Buying Gently-Used Vehicles

The Allure of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Explained

If a brand new vehicle is out of your price range or simply not something you’re interested in, which is the case for many drivers, buying used is the way to roll. In addition to our exceptional lineup of new Volkswagen cars, trucks and SUVs, Volkswagen of Gainesville is also home to an impressive and always growing inventory of pre-owned vehicles.

If your budget is steering you towards the pre-owned route, yet you maintain a desire for something new, the win-win option is to opt for a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. CPO vehicles are like-new in that they are recent model-year cars with low-mileage and come with little-to-no wear and tear.

Best of all, CPO vehicles may cost more than standard used cars, but are significantly less than anything new. At Volkswagen of Gainesville, we also provide a Volkswagen certified pre-owned warranty for added confidence. To learn more about the certified pre-owned warranty and benefits of CPO vehicles, please continue reading.

Warranty, Other Benefits Associated with Volkswagen of Gainesville CPO Cars

The biggest concern people have when buying a pre-owned vehicle is that potential problems may lurk beneath the surface. It’s an understandable concern because, unfortunately, it can happen, especially when not buying from a reputable dealership.

The biggest perk to buying a CPO vehicle is that confidence that comes via all the included benefits and warranties. With a Volkswagen used car warranty from Volkswagen of Gainesville, we stand by the quality at the heart of all we sell.

In addition to the warranty, those veering in the direction of a CPO vehicle do so because of perks like a factory-backed powertrain warranty period, bumper-to-bumper warranty, scheduled courtesy maintenance, carfax vehicle history report and more.

To learn how buying a CPO vehicle from Volkswagen of Gainesville can actually save you money, check out the next section.

Buying CPO Cars Pay Off Over Time

While CPO vehicles may cost more than traditional used cars, over time, the difference is often negated by way of fewer maintenance and repair costs. Between all the certified pre-owned warranty perks and inspections that take place in the certification process, CPO cars are likely to face fewer problems. Of those that may occur, chances are they will be covered – at least in part -by those warranties.

Before a vehicle earns its certified stripes, it will be subject to stringent evaluations of hundreds of parts, bumper to bumper. Couple that kind of scrutiny with the warranties and fact that it’s a like-new vehicle with little prior action and you have a quality vehicle that’s not likely to incur out-of-pocket maintenance costs. That’s not the same case with a standard used vehicle.

When you’re ready to move forward with a CPO vehicle, visit Volkswagen of Gainesville for a test drive. To learn a bit more about us, please see the last section below.

Advantages to Choosing Volkswagen of Gainesville

Whether it’s a certified pre-owned, new or used Volkswagen or other vehicle, the choice for more Gator fans is Volkswagen of Gainesville. With regular specials and incentives on top of competitive prices, Volkswagen of Gainesville is the area’s leading Volkswagen authority.

In addition to car sales, we are also home to a state-of-the-art service center for all your repairs and maintenance needs. When you can find everything you need under one roof from a highly-regarded dealership like Volkswagen of Gainesville, why look anywhere else.

For the best automotive experience in Gainesville, choose the preferred car dealer in Volkswagen of Gainesville.

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